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About BCM

West Virginia Baptist Convention 

BCM is a ministry of the WVBC (West Virginia Baptist Convention.  The WVBC is comprised of 350 churches throughout West Virginia.  These churches along with individuals support BCM on 9 different college campuses in WV!  For more information about the WVBC and BCM throughout the state, check out the links below.  

Community of Believers 

Research has shown, that college students set their entire semester schedule within the first two weeks.  Trying to connect to a group of friends or organization is vital for students.  At BCM, students encourage and support one another as they grow in their relationship with God.  


Currently in his 5th year with BCM, Kevin Sions serves as Associate Director for BCM.  Prior this role Kevin, spent 12 years in pastoral ministry serving two different churches.  Kevin enjoys the outdoors, sports, and good food!  Kevin and his wife, Chasity, reside in Morgantown with their 3 children.  

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